Centrifan™ Product Information

Overview of the Innovative Centrifan PE Featuring Self Blow-down Technology
The KD Scientific Centrifan™ PE uses self-generating blow-down technology to evaporate samples without a vacuum pump within a closed system. Centrifugal force protects samples from loss and cross-contamination, freeing operators for other tasks. If you are using a rotary evaporator, see how the Centrifan™ PE can save 1-operator-hour per sample.

Eliminate Sample Drying Risk while Freeing Operator Time
The Centrifan™ PE employs a novel, recirculating evaporation technique that reuses a captured volume of gas and generates its own gas flow to efficiently evaporate samples in standard 20mL scintillation vials. The technique eliminates the need for a vacuum pump or a large supply of blow down gas, significantly reducing cost, complexity, noise, and maintenance compared to rotary evaporators, vacuum centrifuges, and conventional blow-down equipment. Because it operates without vacuum, the Centrifan™ PE eliminates the potential for cross contamination and sample loss caused by solvent bumping.

Vacuum-Free, Closed System Drying
The Centrifan™ PE has a spinning rotor with fan blades that generate a high flow rate of drying gas which is directed onto the surface of the solvent in the scintillation vials. The rotor generates centrifugal force to keep 100% of the solute pressed in the scintillation vials, thus preventing compound loss and cross contamination. Solvent vapors from the trapped volume of gas are continuously flowed through a secondary loop with a dry ice cold trap to prevent release of toxic fumes. The unit may be purged of air with a nitrogen bleed to perform oxygen-free drying.
Centrifan Silo

CF Schematic

• 6 x 20 ml Scintillation Vials
• 6 x 30 ml Scintillation Vials
• 4 x 40 ml Scintillation Vials
• 8 x 16 mm x 100 mmTest Tubes
• 8 x 1.6 ml Eppendorf Tubes
• 8 x 4 ml (1 dram) Sample Vials
• 10 x 1.5 HPLC Vials
Centrifan Rotors
Compact, Portable
With a small 8 in x 12 in footprint and only 18 in high, the Centrifan PE is self-contained, requires little bench or hood space, and will even fit in a hot cell.

Centrifan PE-L (Lite) has no cold trap; vent to a hood or use with aqueous solutions.
Centrifan PE includes a cold trap for recovering all evaporated solvents.
Centrifan PE-T (Timer) includes the cold trap and an Off-Timer for stopping evaporation before samples reach complete dryness.
CF Schematic