KDS Plastic Syringes

KDS Plastic Syringes
Economical and disposable
Available in sizes ranging from 1 cc to 50 cc
Luer Slip (LS) or Luer Lock (LL) tip
KD Scientific offers a new line of disposable Plastic Sterile Syringes for all Scientific applications. Norm-ject syringes are the ideal solution for any situation. Their unique two-part system is latex free and contains no silicone lubricant or rubber.
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KDS Plastic Syringe     1 cc    tuberculin  


KDS Plastic Syringe     3 cc    luer lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe     5 cc    luer lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   10 cc    luer lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   20 cc    luer lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   30 cc    luer lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe     3 cc    slip lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe     5 cc    slip lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   10 cc    slip lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   20 cc    slip lock  


KDS Plastic Syringe   30 cc    slip lock  

  • Clear, Easy to Read
  • Graduations for Accuracy
  • Smooth Drawing
  • Safety Stop to Prevent Plunger Separation
  • Polypropylene-Luer Lock
  • Polyethylene/Polypropylene Luer Slip
  • Tested as Sterile and Pyrogen Free
  • FDA Registered, CE Mark and ISO9001 Certified
Our syringes are made from laboratory grade polypropylene and polyethylene. There is no rubber tip on plunger making them more chemically resistant than rubber tipped syringes. These unique plastic syringes have a positive safety stop to prevent accidental spills.

Syringes are sterile packed and disposable. Luer Slip tips up to 5ml have a centric tip 10ml and larger have eccentric tip. Syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, silicone, oil, styrene or DHP.

Clear transparent barrel for better visual inspection. Clear and inerasable graduation permits easy reading and convenient for accurate delivery. Leakage proof plunger guarantees an excellent sliding performance.

For complete specifications, please view our selection guide for KDS Plastic Syringes.