KDS 270 / 270P Legacy Syringe Pump

KDS 270 / 270P Legacy Syringe Pump
Four Syringe, Continuous Flow, Push-Pull Pump
The KDS270 can hold up to four syringes and can cycle continuously back and forth in a push-pull action. As two syringes are infusing, two syringes are withdrawing at the same rate. At the end of the set volume the direction is automatically reversed and the next cycle begins. With the use of 3-way valves the pump can empty and refill syringes for a continuous dispense.
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  • Holds four syringes, 10 ┬Ál to 60 ml each,
    With larger syringes the full volume may not be useable. [60 ml syr - 40 ml useable, 30 ml syr - full]
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Knob locks/unlocks drive block for effortless, drag-free adjustment
  • Simple menu-driven setup:
    - select syringe size from displayed table
    - dispense volume
    - dispense flow rate
  • Continuous dispense volume display
  • Preset volume control and automatic shut-off
  • Settings can be reviewed or changed during operation
  • Stall detection
  • Choice of unit selection
  • Last settings stored in permanent memory
  • Built-in RS-232C interface for computer "daisy chaining" up to 100 pumps
  • TTL interface for foot switch, timer, relay control, outputs for run indicator, valve control
  • Independent rate and volume settings for infusion and withdrawal
  • Multiple mode selection: Withdrawal for push/pull
  • Optional multi-step keypad programmable feature (KDS270P)
Max. No. of Syringes
  • Four
Syringe Size
  • 10 µl to 60 ml
  • 11 x 9 x 5.5 in.
  • 28 x 23 x 14 cm
  • 9 lb (4 kg)
Linear Force
  • 40 lb (18 kg)
Advance Per Microstep
  • 0.165 micron (1/16 step)
Max Step Rate (1/2 Step)
  • 1600/sec
Min Step Rate
  • 1 step / 100 sec
  • ±<1%
Audible Alarm
  • (Optional) **