Gemini 88 Plus Dual Rate Syringe Pump

Gemini 88 Plus Dual Rate Syringe Pump
Dual Rate Infusion/Withdrawal Pump

KD Scientific offers the NEW Gemini 88 Plus Dual Rate Syringe Pump. This unique pump is really two pumps in one by providing two independent pumping channels linked through hardware and software.

This dual rate syringe pump can infuse simultaneously at different rates, or infuse with one syringe and withdraw with the other. When combined with a valve box, it provides the continuous delivery of a peristaltic or piston pump with the accuracy, absence of pulsation and low flow rates of a syringe pump. This functionality allows continuous infusion or withdrawal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the accuracy and low flow of every KD Scientific syringe pump.


  • Two separate syringe pumps in one instrument
  • Large touch screen display allows quick and easy setup
  • High or low pressure operation
  • Compatible with a wide variety of syringes
  • Continuous fluid delivery
  • TTL, USB & RS-232 Communication

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    Gemini 88 Plus Dual Rate Syringe Pump  


    The intuitive Gemini 88 Plus graphical user interface controlled with a large 7" LCD color touch screen display allows quick and easy setup. The display run screen presents the user with all key dispensing parameters in real time. Syringe tables containing all major syringe manufacturers allow simple selection of any compatible syringe size. Audible Alarms, Adjustable Force and Screen Lock are all features that are available with a touch of the screen.

    Connectivity & Communication

    The Gemini 88 Plus comes standard with USB and RS-232 for PC communication and RS-485 for pump-to-pump communication. An entire suite of ASCII commands is available to control the pump remotely with a PC. The pump contains a footswitch input and digital input/output for each independent pumping channel.

    Features, Benefits & Applications

    The Gemini 88 Plus Dual Rate Syringe Pump opens up whole new pumping possibilities. Three operating conditions named Independent, Reciprocating and Twin are available as standard features to satisfy various applications in life science and industrial settings.

    • Continuous injection for long-term toxicology testing
    • The injection of dyes, perfumes and flavoring in industrial applications
    • Applications with liquids or viscous materials in micro-manufacturing
    • Continuous injections of reactants into reactor vessels
    • Simultaneous samplings from two sites

    Various applications can benefit from the. All three conditions come with the Gemini 88 Plus. No additional upgrades are required.

    Independent Condition

    Independent Condition allows the Gemini 88 Plus to operate as two separate syringe pumps named P1 and P2. Each syringe will operate independently with different syringe types, sizes, force, or target (volume or time, mode dependent).

    Reciprocating Condition

    In Reciprocating Condition, both syringe channels move in opposite directions at the same rate using the same syringe size and type. When combined with a valve box, the Reciprocating Condition can provide the continuous fluidic delivery or a peristaltic pump with the accurate, pulseless, low flow rates provided by a syringe pump.

    Twin Condition

    Twin Condition allows both syringes to operate in the same mode using the exact same syringe type, syringe size, force, target (volume or time) and flow rate settings. The pump also allows the user to combine both flows for higher speed and volume infusion applications.




    Type Microprocessor dual rate infuse/withdraw/continuous syringe pump
    Accuracy ±0.25%
      Type Glass, plastic and stainless steel
      Size Minimum 0.5 µl (0.103 mm minimum inner diameter)
      Size Maximum 60 ml (32.573 mm maximum inner diameter)*
    Flow Rate:
      Minimum 1.02 pl/min (0.5 µl syringe, 0.103 mm inner diameter)
      Maximum 106 ml/min (60 ml syringe, 32.573 mm diameter)
    Display 7" color display with touchscreen
      USB Type B
      RS-232 9-pin D-Sub connector
      RS-485 IEEE-1394, 6 pos for pump-pump communication
      TTL Input/Output Two 15-pin D-sub connectors, one for reach pump mechanism
      Footswitch Two phonojack inputs, one for each pump mechanism
    Average Linear Force 70 lb (31.75 kg) at 100% force setting up to a flow rate of 90 ml/min using up to a 60 ml syringe with a 32.573 mm inner diameter. 50 lb (22.6 kg) at 100% Force Setting for flow rates 90 ml/min to 106 ml/min using the same size syringe.
    Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Output 30 V 1.66A 50 Watt
    Weight 21 lb (9.09 kg)
    Dimensions (L x D x H) 11” x 15” x 8” (28 cm x 39 cm x 21 cm)
    Classification Class I
    Pollution Degree 1
    Installation Category II
    Regulatory Certifications CE, ETL (UL & CSA), CB Scheme, EU RoHS, WEEE
    *NOTE: Some larger syringes may be compatible with the Gemini 88 Plus. Please contact Technical Support for more information.